Lamb Packs

  • Lamb Rolled Shoulder or BBQ Chops Recipes

    Lamb BBQ Pack

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    Includes 100% grass fed butterflied leg, cutlets, BBQ forequarter chops, loin chops,  BBQ ribs,  Gluten Free Sausages, Lamb Kofta Burgers and our world famous lamb bacon

  • Lamb Lovers Premium Pack

    Lamb Premium Pack for Lamb Lovers

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    Lamb Lovers – Lamb Premium Pack 7kg

    Perfect for a household of lamb lovers 660g 8 point rack, 1.5kg rolled shoulder, 8 thick cut loin chops, 1.4 easy carve leg roast, 500g mince, 4 shanks, 2 x 110g Wood Smoked Lamb Bacon, 400g whole piece of double smoked grandams lamb ham